• InternetArchive.NET


    An enterprise-grade C#/.NET client for one of the most misunderstood services on the web.

  • Analog Magic

    Analog Magic

    After Rony Abovitz blew $3 billion running an ill-fated eyewear company, I found myself as a stop on his rebranding tour.

  • Display.asm


    Honoring a beloved educator and a 3D graphics tutorial he published in 1983.

  • Keezy Corp.

    Keezy Corp.

    Backed by Kanye West, Chance the Rapper, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber, pre-loaded on every device at the Apple Store, and earned $7.

  • On Skeuomorphism and Market Leadership

    On Skeuomorphism and Market Leadership

    Some days I feel like the ghost of Steve Jobs wandering an Android convention.

  • Cycle Accurate Motorola 6809 Microprocessor, Verilog

    Cycle Accurate Motorola 6809 Microprocessor, Verilog

    A love letter to a very special sliver of silicon.

  • OneDrive: Once More with Feeling

    OneDrive: Once More with Feeling

    “Slow down the rollout of ‘unlimited’ storage. Seriously… who greenlit that?”

  • OneDrive + Deming + Quality

    OneDrive + Deming + Quality

    “I’ve hand-soldered prototype SCSI interfaces yet I cannot build a mental model of what OneDrive thinks it’s doing while copying data.”

  • SOPA Right, Internets Wrong

    SOPA Right, Internets Wrong

    “Tumblr and Cheezburger—sites responsible for thousands of domains of cat pictures—join together to Save The Internet.”

  • Deconstructing Windows Azure 1.0

    Deconstructing Windows Azure 1.0

    “If you get the architecture right you don’t need to build the Visual Studio wizard to call the generator that creates the classes that call the platform data access layer that calls the library that talks to the REST service and doesn’t crash provided the URL isn’t over MAX_PATH characters…”

  • GimmeSomeCandy


    Early fundraising and virtual goods platform banned by Google then reinstated with public apologies. Remember when cool things like that happened on the web?

  • On High End Audio

    On High End Audio

    From an unpublished article commissioned by WIRED Magazine.

  • Golden Ears

    Golden Ears

    Pseudoscience or a side effect of focus and emotional experience?

  • Color Max Deluxe

    Color Max Deluxe

    Paint program for the TRS-80 Color Computer 3 and the first commercial software to license and implement .GIF.

  • McCheckers


    “Checkers with a modem offers a new twist for an old favorite.”

  • Rainboard


    Bulletin board system for the TRS-80 Color Computer.