Color Max Deluxe

On the 30th anniversary of the TRS-80 Color Computer 3, I posted the source code to Color Max Deluxe. Greg Miller was 17 and I was 15 when we wrote it, so the code contains as much profanity and Beatles references as you might expect.

I wonder if the head of H&R Block realized he was talking to a teenager when I convinced him to license Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF) for the first time.

The original MacPaint consists of 5,804 lines of Pascal computer code, augmented by another 2,738 lines of 68000 assembly language.

We clock in at 27,774 lines of pure 6809 assembly and outperform the Mac in most operations.

I also submitted patches to a 6809 assembler after discovering that seven different modern 6809 cross-assemblers each failed to produce accurate code.